Hanmer Springs Community Trust - Hanmer Events.  Hanmer Events offer 6 outdoor events annually as community fundraisers.  These are managed by Amazing Days based in Hanmer Springs.  Yearly we have 3 mountain bike races, Hanmer Springs 4 square Half Marathon, 10km and 5km, Hanmer Holiday Homes Alpine, Marathon, half marathon and 10km and the most serious of challenges Bivouac Outdoor Mt Isobel Challange.


Hanmer Springs is an Alpine Village situated 90 minutes north west from Christchurch airport.  The region offers many restaurants, activities and fabulous accommodation options for all the family to enjoy.  The outdoor events give you and your friends a chance to enjoy the Hanmer forest, and its surroundings.


The races are designed for all levels of fitness and we have now incorporated into the Spring DUSTA and Hanmer Hammer Head an entry level family race and a recreational race for those wanting to have the chance without taking away the elite races.


The journey from Christchurch offers great stop off points and once you reach Hanmer Springs there is so much to do for you and all your family & friends.  From the event to great dining options, shopping, other outdoor activities plus remember no visit is complete with out enjoying time at the award winning Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa. 


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Running Events


*Hanmer Holiday Homes Alpine Marathon, Half Marathon & 10k06/12/2014

* 4 Square 1/2 Marathon: 02/05/2015
* Mt Isobel Challenge: 23/05/2015




MTB Events

*Spring DUSTA MTB: 15/11/2014

 *Hanmer Hammerhead MTB & Family Fun Day 17/01/2015

*4 & 8 Hour MTB: 14/03/2015



Mike Van de Elzen (Celebrity Chef): 29/10/2014